Automatic Glazing Machine
The machine is used to make energy efficient windows and highly insulated windows such as R5 windows or heavy duty windows as patio doors and picture windows. 

Functions: When operator push the start switch, the machine move out to get IG glass on rack, move back to the assembly station and put it into the  frame and panel automatically.


1. Reduced the manpower. Patio door IG glass is 50 lb in average. Because it is heavy, in the assembly line, two strong people have to be assigned to move IG glass. Now only one operator can do it whoever is not required be strong.

2. Triple the productivity. when  used the manual machine, assemble IG takes three minutes. Now it take ten seconds. Seventeen times faster than manual machine. The patio door assemble line now can make 200 patio door per shift compared 70 patio door per shift before.

3. Workers safety. Because the workers don"t need to move heavy glass instead machine does it. Workers save the back being hurt.  Also, they stay away from the IG glass when it is moved where is more safety environment provided for workers.

Automatic Patio Door Machine
(US Patent )
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