New Stacking/Unstacking Loading Machine 

(US Patent)

   Each glass sheet or IG is automatically transferred and stacked to glass rack from convey on the glass line. Or do reverse function--unload glass from the rack to the conveys.

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    The benefits from this machine are that it saves two labors in the end of IG line and provide safety environment for glass workers. A standard machine is capable of handling glass units 24 to 50 inches wide and 48 to 96 inches high, up to 120 pounds.

Stacking Distribute and Loading Pickup System

     For various sizes of glasses, Loading Distribute System can identify the glass sizes by sensors and load them to different glass racks located near the conveyor. On the other hard, Unstacking Pickup System can chose  the glass from different racks and load it on the conveyor. The systems can do loading and loading IG and glasses.

CAD Drawing for Stacking/Loading System

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